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Our clients' innovations fuel our drive to change the way small business does business

DiGG-IT is a Business Partner First! 

At DiGG-IT Technologies, we are passionate about software, developing software and systems integration.

We develop and deliver innovative solutions with a practical approach to problem solving, robust software engineering techniques and innovative ideas resulting in big rewards from affordable solutions. This enables us to provide our clients with the wealth of Software and Technology experience gained from years servicing multiple industries.

Our Executive Suite has over 25 years combined experience in the fields of software, development, process flow, management information systems and automation, giving our team confidence that we will deliver smart and insightful solutions at more than affordable rates.

Our clients’ innovative ideas fuel our drive to change the way small business does business

Put DiGG-IT to the test to develop and maintain your web environment and infrastructure.

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  • 1Cloud Applications and Solutions
  • Cloud applications and solutions that can be used by anyone with a Web browser and/or a communications device that can connect to the Internet. Smart technology requires smart solutions, and at DiGG-IT Technologies, we utilize only the latest technologies and services to get your cloud software and environment up and running.

    Cloud computing and cloud hosting services are revolutionizing the way that small businesses do their information and communication technology, world-wide. And if you haven’t yet connected your small business to the power of the cloud, put DiGG-IT Technologies to the test.

  • 2Mobile Development
  • With the ever increasing demand and popularity of Mobile applications, desktop applications are moving toward the mobile and cloud spaces. Gone are the days of remote desktop connections.

    Choosing the right solution and platform is no easy task, but a DiGG-IT Technologies, we pride ourselves in getting to the heart of the problem providing our clients with  intelligent solutions that work with minimal effort.

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Experienced developers and skillful designers

We are a team comprised of experienced developers and reliable designers whose aim is to provide you with compelling , engaging and satisfying Websites, Cloud Applications and Mobile Applications.

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Products and Services

  • IntelliAssess

    The insurance industry has seen an escalation in motor vehicle claims in recent years. The result of such an increase is greater demands on the motor assessors servicing the insurance industry. The IntelliAssess motor assessor software and mobile application has been developed in consultation with motor assessors to develop a multi-platform and integrated motor assessing software & mobile application for smart phones and tablets

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  • IntelliServe

    In today’s economy, businesses require fast, professional and intelligent software solutions to convert everyday demands into outputs and profit. Swift decision making in the face of challenges make the difference between high-end profitable business and cash strapped and under-performing operations. Small businesses are increasingly aware of the value-add that enterprise software can contribute to their bottom lines. IntelliServe is the perfect business software for small and medium enterprises who want to close more deals, retain more clients, and realize greater profitability

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  • Cloud Hosting

    DiGG-IT utilizes the world’s leading cloud facilities to provide our clients with cutting edge computing capabilities by harnessing the power of Economies of Scale that cloud computing offers. The latest equipment is available to your small business, and you are charged only for how much of the computing power you use, and only for the time you use it! Cloud computing naturally grows with your business demands so there is no need to put work or progress on hold while your business procures additional hardware resources and suffers set-up delays. This flexibility means your staff and clients will enjoy more rapid response rates, access to information means jobs can be completed sooner, and performance and quality checking are possible in real time.

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  • Web Development

    DiGG-IT creates industry leading web sites and web-based business software to provide our clients with cutting edge business and workflow capabilities. The latest web development platforms are available to your small business for superior web presence and accessibility for your clients and staff alike. Coupled with DiGG-IT's cloud computing power, our web solutions means your small business will benefit from greater process efficiency, enhanced client experience, and continuous content and funcationality support from our team.

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  • Motor Assessment Reporting Solution
  • Workflow and administration software that cuts costs and missed deadlines
  • Greatly reduces the time taken to conduct motor assessments
  • Compiles motor assessment reports on location
  • Instantly attach high quality photographs of the assessed vehicle
  • Improve accuracy of motor assessment reports
  • Onscreen note-taking and annotations on repairer quotes
  • Automatically record and files all documentation in a pdf format
  • Instantly attach high quality photographs of the assessed vehicle
  • Online library of all completed assessments for use later
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  • Improve your client retention
  • Better coordination of multiple work teams
  • Inventory control done more intelligently
  • Quotes and invoices, directly from job cards
  • Prompt billing
  • Automated communication
  • Email and SMS templates
  • Smart customer relation management
  • Manage your purchases
  • Dashboard overview
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DiGG-IT Technologies is a proud member of the Microsoft BizSpark program.
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